Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spherical Considerations

A work based on a photo I took last weekend. I wanted to communicate motion as well as beauty. The model, background, and some of the bubbles should give one a sense of motion across the image. I desaturated this because the model has fair skin and I really like how it worked with the dress. I also feel the lightness of the image is almost angelic and wanted to emphasize this.

2 lights were used and triggered via Cyber Commander
AB800 into a 22" beauty-dish about 4' from the model and 2' over her head in line with camera and directed at her shoulder, not her head. I also didn't use the reflector on it, so this is not behaving like a typical beauty-dish, more like a big reflector because the strobe is directly illuminating her, but the light coming from the side of the tube is being reflected out of the dish at the subject.

Camera left there is another AB800, but this one is shooting into a small soft-strip with only the outer diffusion material in place. The inner baffle was removed (I don't typically use them as I like a bit more specularity). Both lights were metered at ƒ5.6 or so from the CC.

Obviously the background was added later, and I did this mostly to add a mystical nature to the image.  Using a variety of blending modes I was able to "blow-out" the details in some areas and create a very bright feeling.  I also did this with the bubble over the martini glass, to draw the eye to that part of the image.  Blending modes are a key to getting a foreground object to blend perfectly into a background without having to create some extremely complex mask.

I also desaturated the image considerably while simultaneously adding brightness to the model's skin and dress.  I am a big fan of desaturated and really like the subtly of color.


  1. This is yet another nice photo! I would love to know how you did you post work though. Thats one think I am trying to learn more about also

  2. Thanks Chase. If you have a specific question, I can probably post some before and after images for that portion along with some of the steps I follow.

  3. The post works really match your intension here, well done Scott.


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