Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Capture One - Exporting Files for Copyright Filing

Just a quick follow-up on my article from yesterday on copyright filing and how I export my images from Capture One for filing with the Library of Congress.  Keep in mind you can do this same thing in Lightroom, but it is a much more labor-intensive process.
Here are the settings I have for my process recipe name
(Example: 05.02.19-Sasha_SD34233.jpg)

First, I have a process recipe specifically for exporting these files.  They all go into a folder with their shiny new name and await filing every 90 days.  This will result in a folder full of files that start with the date of publication, or the date you exported it.

The submitted image watermark
This is a safe date to use since you know for a fact no one has seen it up to this point, so I use that as my date of publication.

For the actual file, I export it at 1200px on the long edge at 80%, which is actually a bit larger than required by the filing office but not by a ton.  I also add an ugly text watermark to the bottom of every image.  I do this because of reasons I stated in my copyright article, in that these images are publicly accessible, and I don't want them stolen directly from the place used to protect them.  Call that irony.

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