Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Artist Resources for AI Art Generation

Yeah, I know there are already a lot of sites with long lists of links to AI Art stuff, but I don't want a huge list; I just want to get some images created and now swim into a mass of links.  Below are the links I use daily, and they have helped me perfect the looks I want in MidJourney and Stable Diffusion.  

I will keep this article updated with sources I actually use, not some random list of 800 things I found on the internet.  Check back to see if I have some new goldmine to share.


This Teapot site might sound odd, but it gives you a fantastic view of how the MidJourney bot tends to react to different directives.  I use this a ton as it can give you a great idea of how these prompts interact.

Teapots in MidJourney

Lexica's Stable Diffusion Prompt Search Engine

A great new tool is now available that allows you to use some prompts to find images created in the Stable Diffusion system and then discove...