Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Artist Resources for AI Art Generation

Yeah, I know there are already a lot of sites with long lists of links to AI Art stuff, but I don't want a huge list; I just want to get some images created and now swim into a mass of links.  Below are the links I use daily, and they have helped me perfect the looks I want in MidJourney and Stable Diffusion.  

I will keep this article updated with sources I actually use, not some random list of 800 things I found on the internet.  Check back to see if I have some new goldmine to share.


This Teapot site might sound odd, but it gives you a fantastic view of how the MidJourney bot tends to react to different directives.  I use this a ton as it can give you a great idea of how these prompts interact.

Teapots in MidJourney

Midjourney Artist Influence Reference Sheets

This is another great resource for artist references.

Artists in CLIP

This is a great reference to see what artists are in the base system under the hood.

MidJourney Artist CLIP Influence

Artistic Style Encyclopedia

This document is the gold standard for me, which I use often.  I keep a copy of this with an additional column to mark my favorites.  Of all the resources I utilize, this one is probably open in a browser tab 80% of the time as I work on new images.

Artist Visual Style Encyclopedia

Artist Reference

This is another one of those goldmine levels of reference is this sheet because it has a lot of additional options in the form of tabs on the bottom.  Using this to figure out what style you want is more straightforward than other methods because of the preview size, which  I appreciate.

Artist Reference Sheet

Lexica's Stable Diffusion Prompt Search Engine

A great new tool is now available that allows you to use some prompts to find images created in the Stable Diffusion system and then discove...